Code of Ethic

Six fundamental rules and principals guide our cohesive and professional way of working.

1. Honest, lawful and ethical conduct.

2. Conflict of interest and corporate opportunity.​

3. Compliance and disclosure.

4. Financial reporting.

5. Accountability.

6. Health and safety.

Risk Management

Risk management and planning takes a big role within the ZUBARAOIL project undertaking.  We dedicate sufficient resources required to address all requirements and industry best practices to mitigate and reduce project risk across our operation to the minimum.

Board team reference

Our board has the responsibility to ensure there are long-term goals and a strategic planning process in place along with an annual operating budget. The Board has constituted and delegated part of its duties and responsibilities across technical board, advisory board and corporate governance committees.

Download the full document of ZUBARAOIL governance fact sheet here.​


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